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Why 240 Days?

This number is more than just our namesake. 240 Days is the amount of time that passes from Crush to Cork, or the number of days to produce the unforgettable taste and complexity of our wines.
Meet Our Winemakers

Select Exceptional Quality of Ingredients

We embrace using only the highest quality of ingredients when crafting the perfect bottle. Our grapes are gently hand-picked each season by our experienced winemakers.

We’re proud to partner with a variety of grape growers so we can select the highest quality ingredients to produce the best flavors.

Combine Old and New World Techniques

We take pride in combining innovative and creative winemaking with old and new world techniques to develop a style totally unique to the Finger Lakes.

From double fermentation to whole cluster pressing we take pride in being well-versed on the latest winemaking technology and techniques in order to capture the freshest and most aromatic flavors possible.

Blend for Perfection

Our winemakers take pride in their process, perfecting and fine-tuning flavors every step of the way. Each bottle of 240 Days is expertly handcrafted by our team of winemakers and vintners.

We produce the perfect bottle by selecting the perfect wines to blend. Did you know that we were the first in the Finger Lakes to use Riesling in our Rosé?

Boldly Chasing The Pursuit of Excellence

Our Story

The winemakers at 240 Days hold our vision of exceptional wine, and proudly represent our rich heritage and history.