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Boldly Chasing the Pursuit of Excellence.

The winemakers at 240 Days hold our vision of exceptional wine, and proudly represent our rich heritage and history.
Portrait of Matt Schrader

Matt Schrader

Senior Winemaker

I am a “Maker” or “Crafter” by nature, so nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to take my time, knowledge and effort to produce something of the highest quality that people would love to have and enjoy. One of my first jobs as a teenager was hand harvesting grapes for a local farm winery. After seeing how they took premium grapes and turned them into a very nice wine, I was hooked!

I started with 240 Days shortly after its inception in 2015. I helped craft our initial vintages of Riesling, Rosé & Cabernet Franc. When I am crafting our wines, my goal is to produce the highest quality products that have an elegant, luxurious feel, but are also approachable. I want the wines to be able to elevate any occasion from the small wins of the day to the most memorable moments of life.

My favorite part of the process is where science and the art of winemaking meet to make an exceptional wine. While creating the perfect Rosé, I taste through multiple rounds of trial blends where I add a dash of Riesling for a more round mouthfeel or a smidge of Cabernet Franc for just the right shade of pink. In the end, this produces a beautiful Rosé with exceptional flavors, balance, and body.

Favorite Wine: Rosé
“It’s by far the trickiest blend to get right. When I raise this glass, I am at my happiest because I know that this is the best wine that I could possibly produce and that it will make many people’s moments memorable.”
Portrait of Eric May

Eric May

Red Winemaker

240 Days was a call home for me. Although born and raised in Colorado, I developed my passion for winemaking at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Situated in the heart of the Finger Lakes, I had the privilege of learning traditional winemaking in a nontraditional setting. After a short stint on the west coast, I knew that my heart belonged in the Finger Lakes.

I was lucky enough to be mentored at Constellation Brands by both Nova Cadamatre and Matt Schrader at the inception of 240 Days. From tastings and events, to harvesting and blending, I worked to immerse myself in every aspect of the 240 Days brand. Growing with 240 Days from vine to bottle to customer gives me a special appreciation for each vintage. At the core of the 240 Days experience is our engagement as winemakers with the heartbeat of the Finger Lakes.

As you read this, you are already a part of the 240 Days story. The Finger Lakes is on the cusp of a winemaking Renaissance that few people are fortunate enough to experience firsthand. As the region becomes a stalwart in the winemaking world, 240 Days can be the familiar face of luxury, quality and reliability that you will come to expect from the Finger Lakes.

Favorite Wine: Cabernet Franc
“While I invite you try them all, a great place to start is the 2015 Cabernet Franc. A sophisticated balance of oak and fruit, the 2015 Cab Franc is exactly the reason I came back to the Finger Lakes - to make something unexpected and exceptional that will make people rethink what a “Finger Lakes Red” can be.”